2016 Fair

2016 is the 260th Anniversary of the Old Govan Fair: that’s 260 years since its current incarnation when it was re-birthed by the the Govan Weavers during Govan’s 2nd era of greatness as a hub of the textile industry. Evidence of the Fair as a trades fair at Water Row dates back to at least Roman times. In fact, we are currently seeking any information anyone might have about the Roman Charter that enshrined the rights of fairgrounds, market stalls, entertainment and gathering for celebration, ceremony and social justice at the Water Row landing site (now the esplanade and car park of Govan Cross). We plan to re establish that ancient tradition in 2016 as well as maintain all the usual attractions of the procession and the crowning of the queen in Elder Park.

Watch this space for more information as plans unfold. And GET INVOLVED
Govan Fair committee meetings are going to be regular from now on (the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 6pm) to give everyone the opportunity to input, shape, join in. WE NEED EVERYONE TO BE INVOLVED!!