Govan Grudges!!

Anyone who knows Govan will know that grudges never last long.
The one between the Govan Fair Association and the Church has lasted a mere 260 years.

No one ever quite remembers why Govan grudges start but the Church/G.F.A one is rumoured to centre around a young man who, on being refused the hand in marriage of the minister’s daughter, came back that night with pals, severed the head of the minister’s prize ram and carried it through Govan on a pole.

That deid sheep’s heid has headed up the Govan Fair procession ever since, rubbing salt in the wound of the grudge every first Friday of June.

Govan Fair 2016, is exactly 260 years since the falling out and the grudge will be symbolically put to bed on Friday, 3rd June at 6pm in Elder Park when the Reverend Doctor Moyna McGlynn, minister of Govan and Linthouse parish church crowns the Govan Fair Queen.

The Govan Fair Association committee are looking to put a grudge to bed each year going forward. Some long suffering local residents reckon that’ll take at least another 260 year


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