About The Govan Fair

Since 1756 the people of Govan have celebrated the annual Govan Fair, with a procession and the crowning of the Fair Queen, on the first Friday in June.

Since the beginning the business community has played a key role in organising and supporting the fair, starting with the Govan Weavers and then the shipyards with the rise of shipbuilding on the Clyde.

The Govan Fair has waned in recent decades with the decline of shipbuilding to the point where a few years ago the fair almost ceased to exist. However with renewed enthusiasm and thanks to the commitment of our Chairman Lord James Stringfellow, the fair committee and other organisers the Govan Fair is experiencing a revival. The 2015 Govan Fair was said by many to be the best for many years, 2016 better still and we hope the 2017 event will turn out to be the best ever!

You can help to make the 2017 Govan Fair spectacular by making a small contribution towards the costs via PayPal.

 Saving The Govan Fair
A Short Story by Craig Albert


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